We are an accounting firm specialized in consulting and advisory services.

Offering accounting, tax, financial and labor guidelines.  We serve customers Insorcing, that is, within our structure and we also have the Outsorcing mode.

 ILS started its activities in 1. 991 we are located in the south zone of São Paulo, 200 subways from the Sáude subway.

We serve clients in the main segments of the market, targeting companies located in São Paulo and with the support of our business partners we serve clients from different regions of Brazil.
ILS is an Accounting Firm located in the State of São Paulo in the health area of ​​the southern zone, which owns and serves clients in the States of São Paulo, Goiás, Minas Gerias, Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Espírito Santo. (other states on request)

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With a team of trained professionals and cutting-edge technology, we have the necessary tools for a personalized, efficient and quality service.

Awards, Quality Stamps, Corporate University prove our attention and our commitment to continuous improvement.


Meet with quality, reliability, customer needs,

looking for improvement and constant development.


Be recognized for its competence and quality in the delivery of results,

thus becoming a benchmark in accounting advice.


Attend efficiently, focus on customer satisfaction.

Ethics, Agility and Respect for others - make the most of your relationship with people..

Quality Policy

ILS accounting is a business consultancy that provides services and advice in the accounting, tax, corporate and labor areas with the objective of satisfying our clients and training our employees.  Based on the search for continuous improvement, relationship, ethics and innovation - serving our customers in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the requirements of our area of ​​operation.

Seeking constant knowledge

Investment, training and the search for continuous improvement.

We are certified by the quality program of accounting offices - PQEC and we are in the implementation phase of ISO 9001: 2015